Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh NO He Did NOT!!!!

Jimmy Kimmel is back with his revenge for Matt Damon ~ He's f*ckin' Ben Affleck!

Funny story ~ Affleck apparently had the idea before Kimmel did, almost as soon as he saw the Matt Damon video...

As for all the celebrities? The were nearly lining up to be a part of it. And who got the big fish? Apparently Ben's wife Jennifer Garner is the one who mentioned the projected to Harrison Ford who immediatedly wanted in. And when he arrived in wardrobe for the shoot he asked, "Don't you have anything in mesh?"

I have to admit, I prefer the Matt/Sarah video, but the Josh Groban appearance kills me as does the bumper sticker on Harrison Ford's convertible. (I'd like to see one of those on my way home from work one evening...) And who can resist McLovin or Robin Williams...

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