Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Blame the WGA....


I invest four years of my life ~ alright, maybe 18 months of my Tivo's life ~ to FINALLY seeing Peyton and Lucas wind up together and now he's marrying someone else?!?!?!?!

What ARE you people doing to me????

Taking a step back...

Let's be honest. If there were other actual scripted shows to watch on television that could absorb my emotion, like say Bones or the Office or Grey's Anatomy, I wouldn't feel like my entire life was tied up in the outcome of one character's life. But, NOOOO, you leave me the most inane reality shows (Project Runway, you're excused), that even my cat, who has been falling for the fake throw for FIFTEEN YEARS, is too intelligent to stand.

And, et tu, PBS? Where did my Jane Austen go?

Damn you all!! You're even running short on episodes of Frontline!!

How is it possible for a woman in her thirties to garner any self respect when her world twists and turns on the love lives of fictional twenty somethings???

And what's with killing off Georgie on GH??? Was that even necessary?? I don't even watch the show (often) and I'm just too upset for words.....

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