Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Karma's a bitch!!

And don't you forget it!!

So that horrible woman who terrorized me for 9 months as my boss has finally gotten what she deserves. The best part? Not only did I have absolutely nothing to do with it, but even in my wildest revenge fantasies, I could never have come up with something this wild.

Seems she was summarily fired, very publicly. Why, you ask?

Let me tell you a little story. There once was a very rich man. He invented a machine that rolled cigarettes and invented cigarette paper or something along those lines, but he was very, very rich. When he died, he left his huge estate and property to the city. A foundation was created to maintain the mansion, the gardens, the surrounding park and a nature center that was stocked with animals indigenous to the state.

Many, many years later, a woman and her four year old son were eating apples outside the bear habitat. Somehow, there are conflicting stories, the little boy got past the four foot barrier between the viewing area and the actual cage and reached his hand in the cage to try to pet one of the black bears. Apparently smelling the apple, the bear nipped at the little boys hand. Several hours later, the little boy was treated and released at a local ER. He didn't even require stitches.

The response from the health department was to euthanise both bears, since they couldn't be sure which one bit the child and they couldn't test them for rabies while they were still alive. The citizen response was quick and violent. People were more upset about the loss of the bears than they had been about the last hundred homicides in the city!! The mayor publicly denounced the euthanizing of the bears and demanded an inquest.

So, as a former insider and a person who would have been directly involved with this fiasco had I not gotten the hell out of there, let me offer a few thoughts. The kid could barely have been scratched by the bear ~ a true bite would have taken off a four year old's hand. There have only been a handful of cases of rabies in black bears ever. If they had been exposed to a rabid animal, they would have killed it, leaving a carcass in their habitat and none was found. Rabies prophylaxis is no longer injections into the stomach, it's now a series of four shots into the arm. Not that big a deal. City policy is to quarantine an animal and watch it for signs of rabies, not automatically euthanize it. There was no effort made to do that with the bears. Basically, the pooch was summarily screwed.

The whole city hated her. She was sent packing ~ it was about time.

Which reminds me of the post script I left off my letter of resignation.

Watch your back. Karma's a bitch.