Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Middle of the night

Richmond, VA

My family calls throughout the day with the same questions. Are you okay? How do you feel? Are you safe?

It's the middle of the night when I can't sleep that I'm not alright. It's 1am - technically June 2nd - and I'm awake and exhausted and worn and weary and still awake. There's no one to talk to and tell that I'm not okay. That I can't have foxglove in my garden, that I'm relieved I don't own a garage.

And about the garage ~ funny thing I realized tonight. I actually bought a car that can't be used to kill oneself in a closed garage. Hybrids don't idle!!! So, um, yeah, for that plan, I'd need not only a garage, but also someone else's car.

But back to my real life. My cat locked herself in the bathroom today. Must be a sign of impending adolescence. I had to actually remove the doorknob to get the door open. WHY? Other people's cats don't lock themselves in bathrooms??!!